Steam Beta for Mac

I was sad not to get into the Steam Beta for Mac, so I decided to do something about it. I did a simple Google search for “Steam Mac Torrent“, and found the steam.dmg file that exists in quite a few places. Installed it, logged in, and get a nifty little message:

Well, a lot of people have talked about going to and then clicking “Play Portal now for free!”. This will bypass the message telling you that you are not in the beta. All this link does is open the browser protocol “steam://run/52003

This is where I decided to hack around, and found out something that I haven’t found anywhere else yet. I have purchased quite a bit of games on steam, so I decided to try to install one of them and got this message:

The developer wiki of for steam fully discloses all of the browser protocols ( One such protocol is “steam://install/<id>”. Well, I have bought Portal already, so I figured why not try to go ahead and install it. I opened up Firefox, and typed this into the address bar: “steam://install/400“, as Portal’s id is 400 (I am guessing 52003 is the mac version). Low and behold, it worked!!! I can now install portal. Just out of curiosity, I looked up other gameid’s of games that I own, and sure enough, you can install every game that you own. Here is a comprehensive list of the games I have been able to install:

Batman: Arkham Asylum
Counter Strike: Source
World of Goo

Of course, all this will do is bring you to another place where you cannot do anything, you still can’t play them, but I figure, hey, at least I was able to install games, now it is up to the next guy to figure out how to play them.


Update: Just for testing purposes, I tried to run steam://run/52003 on Windows 7, and got this message:

This confirms that there are different gameid’s for mac and windows games. Looks like a script will have to be run on Valve’s side to enable the games you own. I would guess that 52003 will NOT be the gameid for Mac Portal when out of beta, but we will see.

The Real World Beckons

It is weird, ever since entering college, there has been a goal, to get out of college. Now that the time is less than three months away, I am terrified. I have been slowly submitting my résumé to companies, but I am in no hurry to get that full time job. I guess in a way, I am afraid of leaving because college is supposed to be where you find yourself, and I am not sure I want to be the person I have found. There are a few companies that I have said I would love to work for since the day I knew of them. I only feel like one of them is a right fit for me right now, and I just sent my résumé. There is the slight issue that it is located all the way in Los Angeles, and I am in love with Cincinnati. There are some benefits to LA, and I am willing to give it a chance.

After looking through some average Cost of Living things, I would have to make about $90,000/Year to equal the $55,000/year that I expect to make here in Cincinnati. According to, I can only really expect to make $62,000/Year in LA. Now, if I am able to reduce my expenses by $30,000/Year, I will be happy!

iPhone App Development

So I have been creating a few iPhone Apps lately and am nearing completion on a Dreamhost Administration App. This app will have the ability to do everything that the new Dreamhost API allows me to do. I will post more information and some screenshots when they become available. All of my iPhone Apps will be released under Green Man Software.

The Rethinking of a Blog

This ‘blog’ has transformed since I first started it. I started it as a way to post things I love, without caring who read it and what they thought of it. I have since moved on to posting Paramore Wallpapers and Dreamhost Promo Codes. I am not going to lie to you and say that I regret doing so, as the Paramore/Hayley Williams now brings 100+ new people to my site a day, and the Dreamhost Promo Codes now have paid for the next two years of my hosting services (although they have not been used in a while), but because of this I have stopped posting random things, and started only posting things to help increase traffic to my blog.

I know I have made numerous posts before saying that now I am going to start blogging more often, but now I truly am. It isn’t because I want anyone to read my blog (even though it would be nice), but it is because I like looking back and seeing what I was doing at the time I wrote the posts, what I was interested in, and what I loved. I am now wanting to get back to that. So seeing as you don’t read any of my posts to begin with, only come here to get a discount on your web hosting and get a new wallpaper for your computer desktop, I am going to start posting more things for you not to read.



So, I am not normally a very political person, but I vote almost every year. One of the biggest problems with me voting every year is that I never cast a fully educated vote. This year however, I am vowing to either make a very educated vote or no vote at all, even with this being the biggest election of my or any one else currently living’s lifetime.

As I am sure that many of you already know, one of two things are going to happen, we are either going to have our first female Vice President, or we are going to have our first non-white President. That is absolutely massive! Now, I could care less if a Democrat or a Republican takes office as I am registered Independent. I have always voted fir who sounded like the best candidate for the job, as I always will. Now, the reality is that there is very slim chance that an Independant will win, so please don’t comment about any non-party presidential candidate, I don’t want to hear about it. (Actually I am kidding, I really do).

So anyway, you have read this far, and I am sure that you are probably wondering why I am even writing all of this. Right? Well, whether I was right or not, I am going to tell you. I am writing all of this because I am certain that there are others out there like me that have not done all of their research in the past and probably are not planning on doing any research yet again this election season. If you are one of those people, you may want to come back and read this blog weekly.

I am planning to at the very least once a week picking a political topic, and researching the position of each of the candidates. After fully researching each topic, I am going to write a non-bias post on that topic and the candidates positions. These will not have any opinion of none in it, only the facts that I find. It is possible that after each post I will write a comment with my position and my opinion on the candidates.

P.S. I wrote this from my iPhone so when I get to my computer I will tag this article a little better.

Comment Spam!

Wow, I don’t know if any of you have looked down in the footer area lately, but I have been getting tons of spam! Anyway, I decided to finally install another plug-in to take care of all the comment spam I am getting from 1 ip address. Just over the long weekend I received 22 spam comments from the exact same ip, yet all of them had different names and emails… Hmmm, that’s not suspicious in the least now is it? Anyway, the plug-in that I installed is reCaptcha. This plug-in is exactly what I was wanting! Not only does it display a ‘captcha’ for you when entering in your comment so I don’t get spam, if you have trouble reading it, you can listen to a file and type the numbers it says. Also, the plug-in includes Mailhide to protect all of you who leave comments so your email address will not be crawled and spammed. Just thought I would let you all know!

New Phone Number

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while… I have been pretty busy this summer with work. Anyway, I just wanted to write telling you that I have a new phone number. If you want my new number, either call my old number or write me a message and I will reply back with my new number. That’s all. Hopefully I will write a bigger update soon, but it takes a bit to write on a phone. Have a great day!